Financial Literacy Part 2: New Hires

In Financial Literacy: Part 1, we covered the basics of building good financial habits while in college. For Part 2, we take a look at goals and timelines as you start your career and financial planning. This will secure your savings, insurance, and retirement to make your hard-earned education and career work for you!

Financial Literacy 2

Which of the following ratios is commonly used to manage spending and saving?
The percentages above represent which of the following?
It is important to set financial goals to keep you on track and motivated
You really do not need to start thinking about saving for retirement until you have been working for at least 5 years.
Taking full advantage of your company's contribution matching program is like accepting free money, and you should do it.
Which of these is NOT a common investing method?
Bundling your insurance coverage could provide you with lower rates.
Which of the following is an example of insurance coverage?